The October event list just keeps getting bigger and bigger. We have Samsung and the Note II announcement happening on the 24th. We have a Google announcement happening the morning of the 29th and now we have an event hosted by T-Mobile later in the evening as well.

What tricks could T-Mobile have up their sleeves? A few speculations have already begun circulating the web along with inside our own heads. With it being called the “T-Mobile Showcase’ we surmise that it will be a launch party for a bunch of various devices. Most likely there will be some Windows 8 phone in the mix and could very well be the only real announcement. Kinda like HTC did to us all with their last press conference. There is the possibility of a few Android devices making the cut. The Note II does come to mind. Samsung’s event is planned for the 24th, but we have seen documents that list the Note II as launching the 24th as well. Doesn’t mean it will. So the Note II could make its way into an announcement with T-mobile.

Another area of discussion comes from a potential new HTC device. Based on the HTC J Butterfly or something similar. We aren’t buying into that too much just yet, but is possible. There was a HTC device listed on the T-Mobile road map that was removed and the HTC One X+ that was supposedly coming to T-Mobile got shelved indefinitely. It is a nice thought and idea to toss around, but nothing really points in that direction.

On to the final thought-provoking …. thought. The LG Nexus 4. Is it just a coincidence that T-Mobile scheduled an event the same day as Google? Wouldn’t make a whole lot of marketing sense for T-Mobile because they know that anything they bring to the table will quickly get lost in anything that the Google event produces. That is unless they are going to be making a formal announcement as the official launch partner for the new LG Nexus 4. Again, all just speculation, but does have some things that make it a possibility. T-Mobile was the first carrier to sign on board for the first Nexus One. The Nexus S hit Sprint, and the more recent Nexus hit Verizon. We haven’t heard any talks in the rumor mills about any carrier signing on as a launch partner for the next Nexus device yet. Maybe this go round there won’t be.

All of these are interesting things to think about, but with a title like ‘Showcase’ we know it is going to focused around a few different devices, not just one. With Windows 8 devices coming out that morning we have a feeling that will be the main focus. One thing is for certain though, the 29th is going to be a very busy day for the internet.

  • Noel

    I see Google making it right by Tmo..their original Android and Nexus partner. Probably see Tmo officially announced as Nexus partner. OR maybe HTC will decide to make up for the One X+ fiasco by unleashing a version of the J Butterfly device. Wishes are free…So why not.