Well it’s official, Metro PCS and Magenta have formally submitted official documents with the FCC regarding their merger on October 18th. The new conglomerate will be the nation’s fourth largest carrier with an 11.7% market share, inching slightly closer to Sprint’s 15.2%. T-Mobile’s parent, Deutche Telekom intends to fork over $1.5 billion to Metro’s shareholders. The filing indicated that paperwork will be filed with the Department of Justice regarding antitrust concerns at a later time.

This merger may be tricky, since Metro is CDMA and Magenta is GSM/HSPA+, but Metro already has LTE and Magenta planned on having their own go live in 2013. Look at the proposed LTE footprint though, not too bad.

According to Bloomberg:

“The new company, which will take the T-Mobile name, will keep MetroPCS as a separate brand and extend it to new cities, according to the filing. Customers will have access to more smartphones and tablet computers, the filing said… By having more customers, the company will be able to distribute the fixed costs of its network over a broader base, giving it greater pricing flexibility, according to the filing.”

I know their keeping each respective name, but just for fun thought of some new names for the new company:

  • MeT-Mo PCS
  • Magenta PCS
  • T-Metro Mobile
  • T-MoMetro
  • T-PCS Metro Mobile

What are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to this merger? Do you have ideas for a new name? Let us know.

Sources: Bloomberg and Extremetech

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