Well here is a nice piece of Android rumors. Seems that some sources out there are saying that the Google event on October 29th that is supposed to unveil the LG Nexus 4, just might be unveiling more devices. Motorola Droid Nexus? HTC One Nexus? Galaxy Nexus Prime 1000?!?! Not quite. But the other devices that may be unveiled make sense and I believe it might be true.

Do not expect another phone to be unveiled at this event. Of course, the Nexus 4 is going to be shown off and our mouths are going to water in Android hunger. Seems that sources, that are Google employees apparently, have mentioned that not only will the Nexus 4 by LG to be unveiled, but a 10-inch tablet by Samsung and the Nexus 7 3G will also be shown to us. That is correct. Samsung is cutting in on the fun with the Nexus 10 that we have been hearing about. That is pretty exciting. The 3G Nexus 7 is whatever. I personally do not look at a tablet as a device I would take with me everywhere. With tethering, there really is no need for that. Samsung Nexus tablet on the other hand, that is pretty intense and huge. Oh, and there is still all this Android 4.2 talk going around. Here is some features that have been mentioned that we are supposed to see:

  • Huge improvements to Google Now, cards will be different, a card comparing how much you’ve walked across months and a card that pops up when ever you go to a new city, showing all the POI’s and distance to them
  • Notifications get further improvements, now you can read entire messages in the notification center
  • UI improvements for bigger tablets
  • The keyboard will come with something similar to Swype
  • Profiles feature is coming for the tablets, not sure about the phone
  • Google will introduce ‘Content in the center,’ which will allow users to access Play Store content from a widget
  • Panoramic camera settings will be updated to support both horizontal and vertical movement by default

Now I still do not think we will see Android 4.2, but I just might be wrong. Seems more and more likely though, but will it reach the next letter in the dessert menu Android has been following? You tell me. Let us know what you guys think of this rumored news.

Source: Android and Me