Do you think your 720p HD device screen is plenty clear enough? So do we, but that isn’t going to stop our manufacturers from moving forward into 1080p. HTC beat the other big names to that claim with the HTC J Butterfly which is sporting a 1080p SLCD 3 with a ppi of 440. Fear not though, the rest of the OEM’s out there aren’t to far behind.

Samsung isn’t going to sit back and let HTC take the next evolutionary step alone. They are reportedly working on 1080p FullHD Super AMOLED display with a minimum pixel-per-inch (ppi) of 400. That sort of clarity equates to 5 inches of screen or larger. Not that it really should surprise anyone. It is being built-in house by Samsung Display and will be used in the next wave of high-end device from Samsung in the first half of 2013.

LG is also getting close to that sort of insane clarity and spec. They showed off a 5-inch panel at IMID in may that sported the same 440ppi as the HTC Butterfly. There was talks of it making its way to device by the second half of 2012, but that was obviously pushed back a bit. They obviously didn’t put it in the LG Optimus G and the LG Nexus 4 doesn’t seem to be carrying it either. Honestly, that would have been the device to put it in for the most exposure.

Lets not forget a slightly smaller group. Pantech is also in the mix as well. Not that they are creating a screen of that HD quality, but are expected to start marketing some new devices sporting someones HD 1080p screen tech.

I am all for having a screen that is 5-inches when done right and that sports this type of high-resolution. If these guys don’t start addressing battery performance though, it won’t really matter a whole lot. The first half of next year is sure going to be packed full of HD devices, quad-core goodness and quite a bit more. Hopefully some of these new things will be demoed at CES in January and we can take a look for ourselves to see if the transition of 720p to 1080p on a 5-inch screen is even worth the expense.

Source: MK News via Knowyourmobile





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    2008=Welcome to Android
    2009=Welcome to Android
    2010=All about pushing to 1Ghz and see who can make a 4.3inch screen
    2011=All about the dual cores
    2012=All about the fastest dual cores, HD screens, biggest screen, LTE and intro to Quad Cores
    2013=Quad Cores, Full 1080p screens, later 6 cores