Samsung tried to pull a fast one when the Samsung Galaxy S III was launched. They strayed from the tradition black device offering and went with a variety of other color options. Obviously the Marble White and Pebble Blue were the hot sellers. AT&T has a red one that was exclusive to them and we saw a Pink one floating around somewhere over seas too I think. The traditional black coloring that we are accustomed to seeing just wasn’t the top priority this time around.

The demand is obviously their though as we have seen plenty of people wanting a black S III. Expansys has the Black version listed on their website with expected release of tomorrow. That would coincide with the launch of the Note II by the way. This is the international EU version of the device of course. Meaning that it is the quad-core 1.4GHz toting device. They have the 16GB in black listed for £409.99, that’s roughly $654 USD.

Will the black edition make its way to the states and if so, who will sport it.   Verizon has the black version already, which I just found out about. So that wipes out half my thought process on the whole thing. T-mobile had an image a while back that had a black S III in it, so that is a potential clue. It could just be a bad image and be all stupid to think about. With the Note II on the horizon and other various quad-core devices coming to the stated before the holidays, I think it would a waste of time and resources to officially launch another color S III on any carrier unless it was a quad-core version of the device. We know it is possible, just slap the Note II chip in it and toss it to market as is.

Source: Expansys via Coolsmartphone