We all saw yesterday that Google Wallet has something in the pipeline. The page that we caught showed ‘iOS’ and ‘other device’ as options to choose and get info about at a later date when it becomes available. We are certain there is a lot more going on behind the scenes with Google and the Wallet, but we just don’t have much more information about it yet. Yesterday afternoon the Google Wallet Twitter account announced support for the wallet app on MetroPCS and specifically the Galaxy S III. We aren’t MetroPCS specialists, but we assume this is probably the best-selling device they have with Android and maybe one of the few that has a NFC chip. This is great news for MetroPCS subscribers, especially S III owners.

We are a bit confused though at how this will all play out in the long run though. If MetroPCS just signed on board as a partner for Google Wallet, what does that mean for T-mobile? We ask this question because T-Mobile is buying MetroPCS and we all know that T-Mobile just launched trials for Isis Mobile Wallet the other day. The actual buy out and merger and whatever, won’t be happening for quite some time, we know this. In the long-term though, what will happen with Google Wallet when that deal goes through and MetroPCS customers become T-Mobile customers. Will they be forced off Google Wallet and merged to Isis Mobile Wallet, or will T-Mobile take a different approach and potentially support both? We are personally hoping the latter of the two outcomes is the chosen one, or else there are going to be quite a few dissatisfied MetroPCS customers on T-Mobile’s hands.

What do you guys think will happen?

  • http://www.androidgeek.in Serra Stone

    And AT&T!

  • FILA

    I hope T-Mobile supports Wallet soon. Also you should be able to just download and use Google Wallet through the Play Store and use for any NFC phone instead of carriers blocking it, were see what the HUGE Wallet Update is all about soon