Looks like Microsoft released their SmartGlass app for Android to the Play Store yesterday. When we first heard that Microsoft would be giving Android and iOS users a compatible SmartGlass app, it was mentioned that it was planned for an early 2013 release. Apparently that time frame was moved up drastically.

SmartGlass is a rather unique application that allows you to control your Xbox 360 with various Android devices. You have the ability to navigate your Xbox 360 by swiping and tapping on your screen, use your keyboard on your device to type in text and much more. Just take a look.

Xbox SmartGlass lets you:
• Navigate your Xbox 360 with swipe and tap
• Use your phone’s keyboard to type to your Xbox 360
• Browse the Internet on your Xbox 360 with full keyboard and zooming
• Play, pause, fast forward, rewind, and stop videos and music on your Xbox 360
• Search the full Xbox catalog of music, video, and games
• Enjoy rich, interactive experiences from select game and entertainment content creators
• Track and compare your achievements with your Xbox friends
• Change up your 3D avatar
• Message your Xbox friends
• Edit your Xbox profile

From what I have heard from some fellow Android lovers who have windows products as well, it is a pretty great application. Giving you a whole new experience when it comes to using your Xbox 360 for more than just games.

The apps size is relatively small, coming in at 16MBs. However there are a requirements for the app that could leave some of you in the dark. It does require Android 4.0+ and you will need an Xbox Membership to be able to sigh-in. As long as you are rocking all those specifics, you should be good to go. Me not owning an Xbox, nor having any desire to sigh-up for a subscription service through them leaves me in the dark. This is the first release of the app so expect it to get better as it ages, just like fine wine and cheese. Hopefully with out the smell though.

Feel free to snag Xbox SmartGlass below and give it a whirl. Let us and all our reader know what you think of it so far.

Application: Xbox SmartGlass
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Cost: FREE

  • http://www.androidspin.com/author/simonnwalker/ Simon Walker

    It’s a pretty cool application, but it also has a lot of holes. The interface is written so that it feels like a windows app and feels nothing like Android. Not sure if that is a bad thing or not as it gives you a consistent feel as the XBox. They also won’t allow tablets for some strange reason. I am going to side-load onto my transformer and see how it looks, but they have so much potential for a tablet optimized version of the app.