Android is all about choices and productivity. Whether that is productivity for work, or just your daily life. Anything that can help you streamline your access to applications and information is important. Most users out there have folders set up on various screens, along with different widgets for access to their lives. Things are still a bit spread out at times though. Especially if you are still running a stock device or perhaps aren’t all that interested in adding a bunch of things to your screen or dock bar. That is where a nifty little app called Flip Launcher could come in handy.

Flip Launcher isn’t a home replacement app. It is more of a home accompanied app. It won’t force you to set it as the primary launcher and it won’t interfere with anything you currently have set up. This is one of the reasons why I am liking it so much so far. I keep my home screens rather bare, but do have quite a few apps that I keep in folders together on various screens. Since I am still using the stock experience on my Samsung Galaxy S III, the folders are a bit ugly. With Flip Launcher I can clean up those numerous folders and some of the other apps that are just sitting around.

Flip launcher adds a series of 6 ‘flip panels’ to the left or to the right of your device’s screen. They stay static on any home page that you are on. The color scheme isn’t the best, but you change them to any color you want. You can also change the width of the panel tabs and how solid or transparent they are. Giving you a fair amount of control over its look. You can have any combination of flippers per side also. Meaning you can put three on the left and three on the right is you choose. This adds a little more flexibility to your layout.

Each slide out panel has a spot for 4 applications or shortcuts. That totals up to 24 apps or shortcuts in all. Once the app is installed, just flip a panel out and tap the little + button to set it to launch what you want.

Flip Launcher is a dream for power users who like having everything they need at their finger tips quickly and easily. What makes it just that much cooler, is that you can access these flippers while looking at maps browsing the web, reading up on Google Plus, Twitter Facebook and even while playing most games.

You will probably want to fiddle around with the coloring, side for the flippers and transparency to make it look and feel exactly how you want. Once you get all your apps and shortcuts set up you could even make the flap panels invisible and still be able to pull the right panel out for quick access.

There are a few small details that could force you to uninstall this though. If you happen to have a case on your device that covers the edge of the device might make it tricky to pull the panel out. Since the action is determined by pulling either left or right from the very far edge of your screen. I have changed screens a few times when trying to pull out a panel. It was easily remedied by just increasing the pixel width of the bar. If it looks and sounds like something you might be interested in giving a try then feel free to click or scan the QR code below. It is free and might just make your life a bit easier.

Application: Flip Launcher
Developer: AndCreate
Cost: FREE