PhotoSphere, Photosphere Get Yours Here!

Update: Dmmarck at AndroidCentral has figured out what is needed to get the PhotoSphere function working.  Here is a list of what you will need.  This comes straight from the Source.  Once again, Dmmarck, thanks for the hard work and making this happen:

Push those files (unzipped) to system/lib. Set permissions to RW-R-R (or chmod 644). Reboot.

Push that file (unzipped) to system/lib. Set permissions to RW-R-R (or chmod 644). Reboot.

Push this file to system/app. Set permissions to RW-R-R. Reboot.

Source Info:  Dmmarck’s Photosphere Page

There has been a lot of talk lately about Android 4.2, the newest sweet treat from our Mountain View friends.  Recently there was a leaked Keyboard, well more like released, but that’s just splitting hairs, a adn was set up nd now we have the much hyped Photosphere Camera.  This goody comes from the guys over at AndroidCentral and it is a nice one.  I’ve been using the camera for the last couple of hours and so far it snaps fast, has a nice new UI, although the highly anticipated feature of the 360 degree Photosphere Works! does FC.  But hey it is worth a try, its only been out for a day, maybe less, the fact its working already is a compliment to the community we hang out in.  

For those of you that don’t know about the Photosphere experience, it is a feature that allows you to take photo after photo after photo and so on, while in the Photosphere function, and afterwards the program compiles them all into what is a virtual 360 degree picture that you can navigate around in and see EVERYTHING around the picture taker.  Pretty freaking sick. 

Hugo Barra, on his G+ page made these comments:

We just announced new Nexus devices and Android 4.2 to the world – and one of my favorite features is Photo Sphere. With the 4.2 Camera app, Photo Sphere lets you create photos that are richer and more immersive than anything that has ever come out of a mobile device. 
We were inspired by Street View in Google Maps, and the sophisticated pieces of equipment that Google custom-developed in order to bring you 360-degree photos from all over the world – cars, trikes, and even backpacks. 

Photo Spheres make you feel like you’re really there. When you’re snapping a photo sphere, you can move in every direction, you can look up, you can look down, every detail from the original scene is just there.

Photo Spheres are stored as JPEG files, and all of the information required to view them is embedded as open XML metadata in the image itself. So you can email them, post them to Google+, put them in Google+ photo albums. Check it out and also check out all of our Nexus news. 

This looks like something pretty sweet, and when it pans all the way out, its going to be totally sweet.  Keep checking with us and we will do our utmost to keep you informed and have the downloads when they are ready.  

To install the app, download, move into the system folder, set permissions, reboot, (I like to wipe dalvik and cache) and you should be up and running like Carl Lewis.  

 PhotoSphere APK Download

Thanks Dmmarck at AndroidAuthority for the release/find of this fresh goody.

  • mike

    photosphere DOES NOT work, you may want to change this

    • Zachdroid

      Mike, you are correct, however we did put that the Photosphere does FC. The cam aside from that is nice. I like it better than stock on my Gnex personally.

  • Aux

    Photosphere requires lightcycle library, which is a part of ROM and was not uploaded anywhere. If we find this lib then camera will work properly.

    • Zachdroid

      Sweet thanks for the heads up

  • Naor

    hello :)
    works great but when i try to use the panorama mode , its forceclose the gallery , what to do ?

  • jeff donuts

    works but i get the green screen thingy on my s2