So the Nexus 4 gets announced, and one of the most talked about features is the one that isn’t there, LTE support. There has been a lot of discussion about this, and Google mentioned the main reason of why this is the case. Having both LTE and HSPA+ support means two radios on the device and having spotty LTE coverage is means for bad battery life. So why not just make a phone that can work with all carriers with decent speeds, and we won’t run into that pesky battery issue? Sounds fine and dandy…until today.

AnandTech are known for their in-depth hardware tests for devices, and they ran some battery life tests on the Nexus 4. It came out with pretty disappointing results. I am guessing you have already looked at the picture above showing the Nexus 4 coming in dead last when it came to WiFi web browsing tests. It did a little bit better when they tested the web browsing on 3G/HSPA+, and did not come in dead last. It beat the iPhone 4 and the GNex! WooHoo! Yeah I know. What is the deal? Should they ask Apple how they do it? Yeah it stings a little bit that the iPhone 5 wins first on both tests.

When it comes down to it, the Nexus 4’s battery life is not all that bad. It is still pretty decent from recent devices, but this might be a deal breaker for users out there that wanted to get the next flagship phone. So I ask, does this sway you into not purchasing the Nexus 4? Or does this not change your mind one bit? Let us know what you think.

Source: TmoNews

  • ChrisLH

    I’ll be honest that plugging my phone in isn’t a big deal because I work in an office most of the day. But even with the extended battery on my GNex, I’m pretty tired of always having to worry about the battery running low. Battery life is going to be one of my major considerations on my next upgrade, whenever that is simply because I don’t want to have to think about it.

    • Jaz

      I agree with you there. Just a couple of texts, a couple of pages on flipboard and a couple of random websites on my evo3d and I have to plug in. I’ll be lucky if my battery lasts 6 hours on a good day. I’m done with phones that have no battery life and I’m also done with htc. For now I’ll be rocking the nexus s which at least has good custom roms and constant updates from google.

  • Rick

    Since is a pre-production software and possible pre-production hardware, can we get these test rerun after the Nexus 4 launches?

  • jeff donuts

    hurry up with this phone my fucking s2 just died yesterday now i gotta use some crappy ass flip phone in the meantime

    • FILA

      wow dude, sorry to hear that. I had to resort back to my old mytouch 3g last year for about a week, that slow phone, i feel your pain.

      • jeff donuts

        yea something wrong with the power module that makes it reboot alot and makes it useless .i feel so ghetto using a flip phone its emberrassing lol.

  • JSR

    Where is razr maxx in that list? That’s the only way Iphone 5 can be at the top.

    • TheSmegHead

      I was thinking the same thing. I guess they didn’t want the Itools to get angry. I am sure either of the Maxx’s would dominate both of the catgories shown. And as to the Nexus 4 slightly beating my GNex…hell, I will take my fast as hell 4G over 3g any day!

    • Jaz

      Agreed, my friend has the iphone 5 for his job and he says with the lte on the iphone 5 lasts just as long as his android and its not a rzr maxx. All this upgrade the iphone 5 supposedly did and they keep trimming battery life. I guess the iphone users wont know since all they care about is having an apple on the back of their phone.

  • FILA

    damn, what does this tell me about my galaxy nexus :-/

    • Jaz

      I don’t know because didn’t they last g nexus have a not so good battery life? I just bought a nexus s from sprint to hold me off till I get my note 2. I’m almost giving my evo 3d away cause I hate it so much. The 3d is smooth and fast but the battery life sucks and I’m on my 7th or 8th refurbished unit. Can’t wait to ditch htc and get the samsung. I wish they had a nexus note, now that I would pay money for.

  • Alex Leonard

    I’ve decided to unsubscribe from AndroidSpin. I’m an Android user, I love the platform and love what it has enabled me to do with my phone and tablet.

    However I find the reporting here just too blindly one sided. It reminds me of Apple using friends who just refused to acknowledge obvious flaws with Apple products.

    • zAcHcOmA

      I guess saying “It came out with pretty disappointing results.” isn’t acknowledging anything then, lulz. Considering this is a Nexus device, which is supposed to give users the best “Android experience” and this site is AndroidSPIN, I don’t think we’re too off-base when we give an opinion like that.

  • Chahk

    I don’t want to say “I told you so,” but I told you so.

  • Jaz

    My biggest thing for my next phone is battery life. That is why I am still sticking with the note 2. It has gotten great reviews on battery life and it can take another battery if need be. I’m done with htc. Samsung all the way. Can we get a g note 2 comparison?

  • Android Forum Türkiye

    Why razr maxx hd doesn’t list?