Being a developer in the mobile world, you are going to go after the operating system that brings you the best revenue. Does not matter who has the prettiest system, fastest system, or if it opened sourced. If your occupation is app development, you are going to choose the OS that brings in the bucks.

So which one are you going to choose? iOS of course. That does not mean being an Android developer you are working for cheese and pretzels, iOS is just a type lipped system and I have noticed you have to pay for more of those apps than Android apps. In September, 44% of app revenues were made in the Google Play Store. That is 14% up from the previous month. If you take a look at the graph above from App Annie, you can see the gap between iOS and Android coming to a close. I think as the Android Community continues to grow, more developers will be flocking over to the bright side of the force.

As of now, developers are still going to be making more money on iOS, so most of the awesome apps out there, will most likely end up on iOS first before the end up in our Play Store.

Source: Android Authority