Are you already planning your Black Friday shopping trip? Laying out a course, figuring out what time stores open, creating a plan of attack with your friends and family? I bet some of you are. It is easily a great time of year to grab all the Android powered devices you have dreamed of. Sam’s Club already showed us the Samsung Galaxy S III for $0.96, that’s a pretty amazing deal. Well, Best Buy is getting in on the action as well. After cruising through the 22 page full color ad, we are pretty stoked. The list of greatness is pretty good. Don’t go counting your chickens before they are hatched though. Often times a sale at one store will be out done at another.

So what awesome little deals are lurking in the ad? A whole lot really, but below is a list of the most relevant stuff that caught our eyes.

There are plenty of other deals floating around inside the add that might interest you guys as well. So are to hot to show the prices just yet and others offer up Best Buy Gift Cards with purchase adnd other various perks. Be sure to check it out at

Via Droid-Life