Android has no shortage of Office Suite applications. There is Kingsoft, Quickoffice, ThinkFree , Office Suite Pro and a handful of other ones out there to choose from. Most do the job that many people need and offer up some pretty great functions. Let’s not forget Google Drive and their various document options also. That doesn’t stop the world from wanting an official Microsoft Office application though.

Microsoft has been rather quiet about any up coming Office application, even though there have been various tips, leaks and images showing the software to be very much real. According to The Verge, they have learned that Office for Android and iOS is of course very real and scheduled for an early 2013 release for iOS with an Android release set for sometime in May.

It is good for Microsoft to get things rolling on Office products for other mainstream device platforms, but it isn’t without its downside. The app will hit both platforms as a free app that will allow you to view all Microsoft Office documents. Assuming you have a Microsoft account. If you want basic editing abilities then you will be looking at having to pick up an Office 365 subscription.

Source: ZDNet and The Verge