Everyone has that moment were you are bored and just search through the market and wonder whats the new hot thing. Sometimes I find my self going through friends phones to see what kinda apps they have on their phone. Well what if there was an app that could let you do just that. Well the folks down at Triapodi Ltd have done just that. So let’s break down ta little and get to know this app better.

First off you will need to make an account or log in with Facebook (Facebook is recommended). After longing in you will have to set up the app.


  1. Select which of your own apps that you would like to recommend.
  2. Through Facebook add/invite friends to share their app list with.
  3. After adding friends you can look at their apps, recommendations and download what they have.
  4. Look at the apps built-in recommendations for you that are based off the type of apps you have installed.

The Good

  1. The app is pretty basic and user friendly.
  2. Social media integration helps you connect to the friends you already have.
  3. You can add new Facebook friends right from the app.
  4. The clean UI makes everything attractive.
  5. Appreciate recommends apps with one of three relevance ratings (ie. Strong Match, Good Match or Take a Chance) which gives users an idea of why they should download it.
  6. Appreciate is the first service to deliver a personalized view of any app in the Google Play Android Market with customized app pages and perfectly matching app recommendations delivered daily, based on the Appreciate user’s individual interests.
  7. Appreciate users can search every app in the Google Play Android Market and discover its personal relevance score and see a personalized app page showing how well an app fits their interests.

The Not So Good

  1. Most power android users like my self don’t have many Facebook friends that I would be looking to get new app recriminations from any time soon. Sorry guys its just the truth.
  2. Facebook is the only social media network that you can connect with to share from. That however is nothing the app can change as Facebook is the only social media website that allows for such exchange of information to power the app.
  3. Ability to exchange information without Facebook.
  4. If you don’t have friends that want to use the app, there is not much you can do with this app.


For an average android user this app would be amazing with that fact that your friends join in the fun with you. The saying the more the merrier truly apply s to this app. For a power Android user there is much to be desired from this app. I would give this four out of five stars and seeing as it’s a free app there is nothing that you would loss from giving this app a quick run through.


The app is free in the Play Store. You can pick it up and give it a shot when you get a chance simply by clicking or scanning the usual QR code found below.

Application: Appreciate: Apps with Friends
Developer: Triapodi Ltd.
Cost: FREE