Mexico’s iFone Plants a Huge Foot In Apple

We have all become fairly used to seeing Apple sue people worldwide and somehow the chips fall in their favor, well, not this time.  Thanks to a Mexican telecom company, iFone, Mexico has ruled the iPhone infringes on a patent held by the iFone telecom company and iPhones are BANNED from being sold in Mexico.  HAHAHAHA.

So, a little history for ya, just to round off the gravy; Apple has been selling their iPhones in Mexico and the release of the iPhone Cinco was set to be launched this Friday, tomorrow, this may no longer be the case.  iFone has held the patent on the name since 2003, this was seen as an opportunity to steam roll someone else so Apple decided to sue them for “name infringement”, this case didn’t go so well for Apple.  iFone decided to countersue Apple and, needless to say, they were granted the injunction.  Taking a cue from Apple, iFone decided to sue Apple again, this time for patent infringement and sales infringement hindering the sales of their telecom products.  So far, iFone is running on a high note and winning wherever they step into the courtroom.  High Five iFone, they have even asked for damages in the amount of 40% of iPhone sales to date in Mexico for Apples disrespectful attempts at trying to steal their name away.  It seems Apple is seeing what it is like not to get their way all the time.  So, will the Cinco launch on Friday?  We aren’t sure yet, all we know is if the iAnything is going to be able to sold in Mexico, Apple will most likely have to ante up, loosen their fanny pack zippers, and shell out some Pesos, a whole lot of Pesos.  

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.  I for one am giddy with joy to see Apple have their back side handed to them FINALLY in court.  One can only hope that the courts here in the US and hopefully around the world take notice, follow suit, and in one GIANT voice tell Apple to start competing once again with innovation and top tier products instead of $1000/hour lawyers.  


Source: PhoneArena

  • John

    One rather significant nit to pick: The dispute between Apple and iFone is not a “patent” dispute but rather a “trademark” dispute. Two very different things.

  • Ben Pike

    I don’t see what the big deal is – I receive blows down in Mexico all the time…. /trololol

  • PacoMan

    @ BEN that is more information than we didn’t need to know lol