Great Look, Even Better Sound!

Edifier Exclaim, ever wonder what that is?  Is this the first time you’ve heard of it?  Well, you’ve been hiding I imagine, hiding from exceptional sound and a great design experience.

Edifier has released their newest eye and ear candy for your pleasure, the e10 Exclaim.  This duo of speaker goodness boasts some pretty impressive specs, multiple speakers in each pillar of sound, universal 3.5mm (headphone) jack wire for ease of connecting to almost any audio producing device.  There is so much going on here, check out their specs as I’d probably miss something.  Here ya go:

♦ High performance integrated 2.0 speaker system with unique design
incorporating straight lines and smooth curves
♦ Each upper section of the speaker contains two 1½ inch midrange/
tweeters, and a 1½ inch x 3 inch passive radiator
♦ Each base section of the speaker contains a 3 inch woofer and a 3 inch
passive bass radiator for maximum deep bass effect
♦ 3.5mm auxiliary input for audio connectivity
♦ Volume adjustment and power/standby control buttons
♦ Incorporation of DSP (Digital Signal Processing technology) and
DRC (Dynamic Range Control) for enhanced audio performance
♦ Universal power supply

Keep in mind, this is a trimmed down version fo the features, these were the high points I thought I would pull out of the info for you audiophiles out there.  I know there are many who love music and will want to get the best sound for the best buck they can.  One of our editors here at AndroidSPIN, zAcHcOmA, is a proclaimed audiophile and is proud of it.  And rightfully so, if you like something, enjoy the hell out of it.

Edifier has been making high quality audio equipment for several years, they have a terrific set of headphones rolling out soon, and quite a bit of existing products designed around the best audio experience possible.  For those of you spec nuts like myself that want to see the bigger picture of the products we are considering, here’s something for you.

Total power output: RMS 8W x 2 + 10W x 2 (DRC on)
THD + N (testing level): 10%
Signal to noise ratio: ≥85dBA
Frequency response: 48Hz-20kHz
Distortion: ≤0.5%
Input sensitivity: R/L: 700±50mV | SW: 250±50mV
Speakers : (Each speaker) Midrange/Tweeter unit: 1½ inch (40mm),
Magnetically shielded, 8Ω
Midrange/Treble Housing Passive Radiator: 1½ inch x 3 inch
Bass: 3 inch (82mm), Magnetically shielded, 6Ω
Bass passive radiator: 3 inch high excursion design
Audio input: Auxiliary 3.5mm
Adjustment: Volume, power buttons located on the active speaker
Power supply: Switching power supply 20W / 12V
Dimensions (unboxed): 4.13” x 12.20” x 7.09” (105mm x 310mm x 180mm) (W x H x D)

So, Ah, what now?  Now, you go and pick up a pair of these bad, music pumping, well designed, and totally visually appealing speakers for yourself.  They are priced right too, only $99 direct from the good people over at Edifier.  I know you’re probably bored from hearing what I have to say about this speaker set up, so here is a little straight from the speaker’s magnet:

With the combination of smooth curves and straight lines, the all-new Exclaimâ„¢
is a fully active bi-amped 2.0 speaker system, with each speaker driven by its
own internal amplifier. Full integral DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and DRC
(Dynamic Range Compensation) delivers active crossover frequencies, superb
tonal balance regardless of volume setting, and keeps any possible distortion at
an absolute minimum. A combined 36 watts RMS of power is on hand to drive a
total of 6 internal active speakers. In addition, 2 passive radiators are utilized in
the midrange/tweeter housings to raise efficiency and dynamic range, plus 2
supplementary passive radiators to augment deep bass and performance from
the woofers. Connecting to any audio device is easy using the 3.5mm auxiliary
cable (included). Built in volume and power/standby controls are located on
the side of the master speaker unit. Exclaimâ„¢ is a versatile and simple to
use speaker system with extraordinary sound.

Please, patronize these good folks, and if you do go and catch a pair of these for yourself, drop us a pic of your setup, we’d love to see it.  Thanks for stopping by.