What do Angus Young, Pete Townshend, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Yngwie Malmsteen, Randy Rhoads, and Slash all have in common? They all have used Marshall amps on albums and live shows alike for millions upon millions to hear. Marshall has shaped rock ‘n roll and music in general for half a century. They decided since they were so good at amplification that they’d make that sound portable and started making headphones in 2010.

Marshall just debuted their flagship Major 50 FX headphone to mark their 50th Anniversary:

“Designed specifically to mark 50 years of loud, the Major 50 FX brings the big stage directly to your ears. Engineered to deliver a sound all its own, the Major 50 FX pays homage to the massive Marshall legacy with its punchy lows, clear mid-tones and higher-than-human highs. This is a headphone that brings you a rich and crunchy sound throughout the frequency range.”

In true Marshall fashion these headphones are entirely black with gold accents. They’re covered with the same vinyl that protects their amps and come with a durable canvas bag. The headband is inscribed with “Est. 1962, London – England” which is where and when it all began for Marshall. The inner ear caps are gold and inscribed with “50 Years” on the left side and “Of Loud” on the right. There’s also a mic, volume control, and remote button on the cord for full control.

Getting a flagship Marshall product just became a lot more affordable. Purchasing a pair of Marshall Major 50 FX headphones is definitely a lot cheaper than purchasing a new $2000 JCM 800. These sweet headphones will cost you $170. This is more expensive than your typical headphone, but a premium price brings a premium sound, so if you’re an audiophile like myself, that’s a real good deal. Check them out at MarshallHeadphones.com.

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