Keyboards. We love them. I am a “Perfect Keyboard” user myself. Just fits perfectly with my phone’s theme, and flows nicely. But I am not here to talk about that keyboard, I am here to let you know that if you want the official Android 4.2 AOSP keyboard, it is in the Play Store free to download. We already got a taste of the 4.2 keyboard a couple of weeks ago, after that exciting week of Nexus products being unveiled, and Android 4.2 features being shown off. This particular one though, has the exact look of the actual 4.2 keyboard. The gestures streaks look very pretty, and it works like a charm on my phone. So head into the Play Store and download it before it sells out like the Nexus 4! A joke of course, but let us know how it is working on your phone.

Application: AOSP 4.2 keyboard
Developer: Honso
Cost: FREE

  • Titua162

    doesnt work on my LTEvO

    • Ray

      Not working on my G III with CyanogenMod 10 either.

      • Stormy Beach

        Working just fine on my T-Mobile S III freshly updated with Jelly Bean today. Might be silly, but I read other people had issues too. They forgot to set it as default keyboard instead of just checking the box.

        • David Pena

          Make sure you change your keyboard by holding down the spacebar and choosing the new keyboard. It doesn’t take just changing your input settings in your system settings

  • Abbas

    Broken Link

  • UX-Guy

    Doesn’t show up anymore on the Google Play…

    • Stormy Beach

      Well that was fast. Lol.

  • colette

    how can i make sure that spin android for games is good.
    i want to buy like the ipad but from spin android because it is sheeper