Ah the wonderful world of Android and hidden applications in system dumps and other various releases. It really is a wonderful world when new things that haven’t been seen, but exist, are shared with the masses. XDA Senior Member blindndumb has found an Emoji keyboard and was kind enough to make two flashable zip files for the world to give it a shot. One is specifically for the HTC Desire S and the other is for everyone else.

Just so we are all clear, Emoji keyboards are just for being able to add emoticon to a message. Most predominantly used on Facebook and social outlets and more notably used by iOS. That doesn’t mean we don’t like them or use them too. The mention of this keyboard and the posting was located inside the thread for JellyTime CM10 for the HTC Desire S. There is no mention of the file needing to be flashed only to Android 4.1.2, which is what the RAM is listed as, or if it can be on lower Android devices or not. We would assume that it would need to be Jelly Bean of some sorts in order to use it. Since the information is missing, we recommend you use caution in trying to flash it. Be sure to make appropriate backups and only try it if you know what you are doing.

The keyboard is a two toned black and white with options for 10-key an QWERTY layouts. It doesn’t seem to offer the swiping gestures of the actual Android 4.2 keyboard though. If you are willing to take the risk, then point yourself over to blindndumb’s posting where you can grab the files.