LevelUp Studio Gives Us a Preview of Beautiful Widgets 5.0


One of the oldest widget apps that is near and dear to our hearts, Beautiful Widgets, is going to be getting a nice little overhaul when Level Up Studio releases version 5.0. When I say overhaul, I mean just that. They have completely redone their UI, bringing in more themes and more of a user-friendly experience. Oh, and they somehow made it beautiful-er, because when you hit the widget to check out the forecast, you are met with an animation that pops. Nice job LevelUp. Now it is not quite ready to be downloaded, but check out the screenshots below and head over to their blog page to get the full details of what is to come in version 5.0

What do you guys think?

LevelUp Studio Blog

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  • Sebastian

    Beautiful. News of this update is probably what swayed me from switching to a competitor app. The upcoming theme store looks amazing also.

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