Last night there was some info floating about that Google and Dish Network were in talks bout bringing a Google cell service to consumers with Dish Network. At the time, this was all just rumor and speculation. New information has surfaced over at 9to5Google that says it is really going to happen and Google is already deep into development on plans to roll it out mid to late next year.

The service and details are still not official, but they say that Google plans to make the service data-only. Using Voice and SMS as a VoIP service most likely using Google Voice as the platform.

Dish has been quoted numerous occasions that they would like to build up a wireless network of their own using the spectrum they have been snatching up since 2008. It wouldn’t make sense for them to enter the game on their own though. They would need some powerful partners to make it a reality and some agreements with the big 4 carriers to carry it out.

Dish Chairman Charlie Ergen said potential partners include companies that would like to be in the industry and currently don’t have a wireless sector.

Charlie wouldn’t give a comment on Google and any plans specifically, but 9to5Google’s source says the plans between the two companies is already well underway.

The real question is, will you be tempted to go with a Google network? We are certain it will go with GSM to support and sell their Nexus products. There might be a contract of sorts, but using VoIP and data only, would eliminate minutes and rate plans. It should be a very interesting idea for both parties. We will be keeping an eye on all of this and see where it goes.

Source: 9to5Google

  • Frettfreak

    Hell yeah. As long as I don’t have to have dish to get it. Sign me up now!

  • FILA

    Google as a cell carrier all the way, we will see the end of Verizon, ATT and Sprint, lol