Please forgive the name of the company. It isn’t their fault that they started out producing some pretty slick products for iPhones. Their latest product release though is one that we are certain that you will love. They have just announced the recent release of two brand new portable battery banks that deserve a quick look at the very least.

The first one is the BattStation ToughDualPro 7200. This one offers up 7200 mAh of battery backup power and not one, but two USB ports for dual charging. Not a big deal you say? You would be correct. There are plenty of battery banks out there that offer this same configuration. What draws our attention more than most though is the fact that it is shock resistance and splash guarded. Making it a perfect battery to take outdoors with you and not fear ruining it. That isn’t all though, the TDP 7200 is being sold for just $29.90. Seriously, only $30. That puts this at the top of the affordable list for the power-hungry user in your house.

The second battery bank released is the ToughDualPro 8400. You guessed it, this one has 8400 mAh’s of battery power at your disposal. It features the same dual port USB slots, the same ruggedness claims of shock resistant and slash resistant. Where this one kicks it up a notch is the external design and the addition of an LED flashight built-in. What is the extra power, the more rugged look and the addition of the LED light going to set you back? A small charge of $39.90. Seriously, I can remember when 5000 mAh battery backs, were well over $100.

“We depend on our devices to stay connected with friends, family and information.” said Richard Martin, President, iBattz North American operations. “The BattStation Tough Pro provides immediate power, quick charging capability starting under $30 for power-hungry phones and tablets.”

If one or both of those look amazing to you, then direct your self to their website for further information or simply hit the links below to get an order placed today.

Order – ibattz Battstation Tough Dual Pro 7200 mAh Battery Pack (Dual USB Output)

Order – ibattz Battstation Tough Dual Pro 8400 mAh Battery Pack (Dual USB Output)