Box has been running a promotion for all LG devices owners for quite sometime. The special offer is for 50GB of free lifetime Box cloud storage. Not a bad offer really. We never gave it much thought when the Nexus 4 was announced and launched though. Granted, the device is made and manufacturer by LG, but it is a Google experience device. Apparently the offer still stands with Box and LG, even on the Nexus 4.

You have until December 31st of 2012 to install the Box app and sign in to take advantage of the offer. Once set up, you will get to keep all that extra storage for the rest of your life. Being that the Nexus 4 lacks in physical storage, this isn’t all that bad of a deal.

If you already have Box account and haven’t signed in through your new Nexus 4 yet, you should probably do that soon to make sure you get the storage. Unless of course you already picked up the extra space through a previous promotion. Feel free to snag the Box app below by simply clicking or scanning the QR code below. Enjoy your extra free storage.

Application: Box
Developer: Box
Cost: FREE

Via TalkAndroid

  • Brandon

    I would sign up through my new Nexus 4 … IF I COULD GET GOOGLE TO SEND IT TO ME.

    Stuck in Nexus 4 Limbo since release day. Google… silent about any order issues.