OpenFeint shutting down December 14th, migrating to GREE if you like it or Not


OpenFeint is a software that you might have noticed and seen built into various games on Android and iOS. It allowed developers to incorporate leader-boards for their games across multiple platforms. It is a system that worked if you chose to sign up and use it. OpenFeint was picked up by a similar company out of Japan back in April. That Japanese company, better known as GREE, will be shutting down the OpenFeint servers on December 14th of 2012.

This means that all developers across the globe that currently use OpenFeint in their apps will need to bust a move to GREE or remove OpenFeint entirely. If they don’t, then after the servers are shut down, the call for the network will cause app issues and possible problems for gamers. All is not lost though. GREE does have a tool for devs to help move all current leader-boards and achievements to its platform. As long as the developer does so, all your hard work will still remain in tact. With the exception of iPad games. There is no support for moving that info as of yet.

OpenFeint is currently used in more than 1,000 titles across multiple platforms. Guerilla Bob, Fruit Ninja and Riptide to name a few. If you have any games currently in the Play Store or available for consumers that use OpenFeint, we kindly request that you take a gander at the guide and FAQ page created to help migrate all your users leader-boards and such to GREE. We will be grateful and we are certain your customers will be too.

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