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Team Win updates to with the advent of Jelly Bean 4.2 and it’s new style file system.  A little tweaking is necessary with the new features Google is pumping into their beloved OS.  The new system is laden (for tablets) with multiple user configurations to allow you a similar set up like on MS Windows, Multi-User profiles.  With this new update and new file set up it could cause some user issues with extra partition wiping and what not, and with a device utilizing a “virtual SD” that extra wiping stuff is a bad idea.

Android 4.2 Updates, Multi-User, and TWRP

If you aren’t already familiar with what a “data media” device is, then this is a good pre-requisite read.

With Android 4.2, Google introduced multiple users as a new feature. In order to accommodate multiple users, Google is now giving each user a their own folder for storage. If you upgraded to 4.2 from 4.1, then the 4.2 ROM will look for a certain file in /data to determine whether it needs to migrate all of your files to the new multi-user data structure. By default, 4.2 migrates all of /data/media to /data/media/0.

A problem arose though with custom recoveries. A custom recovery retains the /data/media folder during a factory reset. When you factory reset and then boot a 4.2 ROM again, the 4.2 ROM will migrate everything in /data/media again. It will migrate your files every time you factory reset. This multiple migration is what resulted in some people having their files moved to /sdcard/0 or even /sdcard/0/0 etc.

In TWRP we have corrected this problem by ensuring that we do not delete the special file during a factory reset. However, if ended up having your files upgraded you will need to move or merge them back into /sdcard. Also, if you have moved your TWRP folder from /data/media/0 to /data/media so that you could restore backups while using prior TWRP versions, you may now need to move the TWRP folder back into /data/media/0.

As a special note, if you restore a backup to a prior version of Android, you may have to move your files out of /data/media/0 and into /data/media to be able to see them again.

Now that you have the gist as to what is going on, and, as your reading this you’ve already followed the link, downloaded the NEW recovery, have booted into the bootloader, and got the fastboot set up and ready to flash all in the couple minutes to get from there to here :-).

So, get on over to the Teamw.in website, download some recovery goodness and flash with rampant disregard (well, that last part is something  you need to do on your own, TWRP just makes it easier, oh, and yeah, we’re not responsible for anything that happens with your phone, while you own it, and flash random stuff or even not so random stuff) and see where the flashing road takes you.  There have been reports of some getting too deep too quick and having to fastboot back to square one with there phone, so…please be careful, read twice, flash once, enjoy for many moons.

Not Sure about root, or how to root your device, Check Out this Article Here by Will Gill


Source:  Teamw.in