It is time for that smackdown, head to head, no holds bar duel to the death between the new bad boys on the block, the HTC DNA and the Nexus 4. Who’s side are you taking? I am sure a majority of you are, without even thinking about it, are going for the Nexus 4. obviously it should be the victorious one, since it is running Android 4.2, and the DNA is running 4.1 with all that Sense 4+ hogging its resources. But some how, could the DNA be the winner? I think the DNA might deserve a chicken dinner.

When it comes to hardware specs, both phones are nearly identical. Both rocking a quad-core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and have 2GB of RAM. But like I already mentioned, the Nexus 4 should be the obvious winner since it is running stock Android 4.2. Well…take a look at the benchmarks and we will discuss the results.

Okay, so the DNA sweeps the N4 in all benchmark tests. Shocking right? Some of the tests the DNA wins by a landslide. Why is this the case? Turns out there is a reason why this is happening. According to AnandTech when running a few tests, they determined that the N4’s tests are low due to thermal throttling. Turns out the N4’s software can identify when the processor is working too hard. This causes the processor to modify the clockspeed and reduce power, so it does not work too hard and overheat. AnandTech confirmed this theory by sticking the N4 in a Ziplock bag, placed it in the freezer, and ran the same tests. The N4’s benchmarks scores were apparently much better. Well that is good for people in Antarctica.

So yes, the DNA wins the benchmarks, but now we have learned that the Nexus 4 has software that does not wreak havoc on its processor. Not really a bad thing if you ask me. It is like having the app “SetCPU” built-in to your phone, and it has a temperature limit before it reduces the speed of the CPU. I personally think that the DNA should have been the Nexus 4, or that HTC should have waited and released it as Google’s next flagship phone. Let us know what you guys think.

Source: Android and Me

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    If I will buy Nexus 4 ,because google support have.