UPDATE:  Nitroglycerine33 has released Build 2 of the progress builds, this time with sweet new changes in the System settings for Battery Icon Mods (one of my faves) and a few other tasty treats.  If you’re not on the Progress Builds already, you’re missing out, get over there, download, flash and enjoy.  Oh, and don’t forget the Gapps, that would suck.  Here’s the change log so you have a better idea as to what’s happening with the Progression towards what is already a beast of a rom:

Added battery options

Pure 4.2 AOSP based
Tethering enabled – phone
Lunar launcer forked from Trebuchet
Fully inverted (Dark) UI
Extended reboot menu with restart, recovery, bootloader
Extedned power menu with screenshot
Photosphere camera
DSP Manager
OI File Manager
QuickSettings based off of kevdliu’s work - http://bit.ly/Wk2JzM
Inverted Talk, Playstore, Gmail from Travp slightly modded by me
Inverted Google Calendar
Enabled global search in Mms
Launcher preferences are in settings
Trinity kernel – Galaxy Nexus
December fix – thanks Tiny

Get your download from Nitro’s site here: DOWNLOAD ME!!! and get your GAPPS HERE

How to Install:
1. Wipe Data / Factory Reset
2. Flash Rom
3. Flash Google Apps
4. Enjoy

Already Running an Eclipse Nightly/Progress Build?
1. Flash Rom
2. Flash Google Apps
3. Enjoy your updated build

What’s up Android world.  I began my day (Wednesday) happily by seeing an update for the rom I was running (JellyBelly 10.0) and not having to work and was just overjoyed.  Having the day before a holiday off just brings me a lot of joy, I mean, hell two days off together in the middle of the week, who wouldn’t love that.  As my day progressed it just proceeded to get better and better.  Around lunch time I was sitting back, unhappy that the internet has been down in my area for a day or so now and then BOOM, clicked back on, the “technicians” they had fixing the line they messed up was finally finished WOO HOO, but while browsing for something to flash to my Gnex I stumbled across Nitroglycerin33’s new release of the newest flavor of Android, jelly Bean 4.2…awe yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh.  I’ve been fiending for something to flash, yes even though I flashed Jellybelly the other day, I’m a flash-a-holic what can I say.  First thing that came to mind besides the giddiness of a school girl was why won’t this download go any faster?

Nitroglycerin33 has graciously dropped on us his “Progress Build” numero uno labeled Eclipse 3.0.  This rom out of the box is damn near inverted with an awesome set of inverted Gapps to boot.  I’ve become an inverted nut, if I can’t find an inverted set of gapps I start to twitch, problems I have, yes I know.  The rom is pretty stable I must say.  I’ve been pounding on it for the last 9  hours at least and after a few bump charges to keep me moving and playing I am pleasantly surprised.  It’s been a good 2 years since I’ve run any of his roms and after running this one today, I didn’t know what I was missing.  This newest edition of the Eclipse Rom Family rolls out with Nitro’s own reworked Eclipse Launcher, its smooth, trimmed down, and has a bit of customization built into it.

Nitro did state:

This is the beginning of Eclipse 3.0! This does not have as many features as the 4.1.2 just yet. So chances are if there is a feature that you are missing it will come in a future build. I plan on releasing builds frequently as we progress in a more feature rich build.

The feel of this rom is that of polished AOSP and with his track record of building deeply customizable roms I can only see great things for this project in the coming builds.  Here are a few pics of his masterpiece, please enjoy…

I’m running this with the same ZenSERIES kernel I was running before because I liked the way it felt on my device and thus far with my excessive use and abuse the battery has been holding up pretty well.  You can download this from Nitro’s Site, oh and don’t forget the GAPPS to complete the Dark Experience that is Eclipse.

Check this stuff out and if you like what you see here and how your device react and loves this rom…toss him a little donation.  He’s working towards building a new machine to help pump out more Eclipsed Darkened Goodness and every little bit helps.  Dedicated developers help to make this Android game we play every day more enjoyable; you don’t have to pay to play, but a pat on the back is never a bad thing.

Thanks for stopping by and….wait, why aren’t you flashing yet?  Get after it, download, flash, enjoy, eat some Turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Today I’m thankful for…a plethora of roms to flash to satiate my insatiable taste for…ANDROID.


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