Is anyone really surprised that the Samsung Galaxy Note II has already cleared 5 million sales since its launch? I know I am not. Especially here in the states since it was the first quad-core device to land on our favorite carrier. The company goal is to sell 7 million by the end of the year. With today being Cyber Monday and, of course, Christmas right around the corner, we think it is entirely possible. Take into account that they sold 2 million units less than 30 days after they reporting they sold 3 million units.

The Note II is sales are still dramatically lacking compared to the Galaxy S III device though. The S III hit 30 million in devices sold in 5 months. Again, that isn’t all that surprising  While the Note II is a fantastic device with more than enough power, features and bang, it isn’t for everyone. Aiming at a higher breed of user. Ones that need more screen, functionality and perks than a standard smartphone user.

I know I help contribute to the S III numbers, did you help out the sales of the Note II? Maybe it is still on your list for the holiday season.

Source: PC Mag