Fox Digital Entertainment has put out a variety of different applications. Their apps are generally tied into various movies and T.V. shows. While the shows and movies are usually good, the apps sometimes lack a whole lot. There is one game that was released in the last 30 days that we weren’t to sure about at first. That was until we read that Angry Mob Games was actually behind the title. Those guys have brought some real winners to the table like Guerrilla Bob and Muffin Knight.

At launch the game came in at $2.99 and sold quite well, clearing 10,000 downloads in under 30 days. User comments put it in a top of its class style game with visuals and controls that are superb. After taking a look at gameplay video sure made us want the game even more.

Boy oh boy would I love to be a Predator. Not that I am a crazy killer or anything, but those guys are pretty wicked. In the game you take on the role of a Predator on the game reserve after the nine most deadliest killers from earth. Using stealth, alien technology and various tactics to collect their heads as trophies of your kills. The game is loaded full of the coolest gadgets that the real Predators used. Like your cloaking ability, thermal vision, razor whip, long-range cannons and much more. All while covering 31 intense and hostile alien environments.

Predators is even optimized for Xperia Play and NVIDIA Tegra chipped devices too. All in all, a must have game for fans of the movies and gamers a like. At $2.99 it was well worth picking up, at $0.99 it is a must have. They don’t mention if this is a new permanent price or just a sale on the game, so don’t delay and pick it up for a buck while you still can. Just click or scan the QR code below to snag it today.

Application: Predators 
Developer: Fox Digital Entertainment, Inc
Cost: $0.99

  • PeterRedBird

    it’s a steal for a $1. Purchasing it right now, thanks! It’s time to do a small break from angry birds 😀