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Watch Your Phone Come “Alive”

Well my Android friends, Bonne App! has done it again.  On November 28th they launched their newest goody for our devices.  They have offered several awesome hits in the past with their innovative “Real Life” videos that reside as your wallpaper, Yes I said Real Life Videos, not some computer generated clunky looking wallpaper, but true to life videos that help bring your background to life.  Oh, did I mention, these have the same affect on your battery as a static wallpaper has, Oh Yeah.  Lets take a look at what makes these vids and this new app so sick.

These guys have put together a host of beautiful and breathtaking videos that serve as an unwavering live wallpaper that is completely “battery neutral” yes, I know I already said it but it’s worth mentioning again, no more affect on your batter than a static wallpaper, and you won’t find a selection of more beautiful live wallpapers on the Android Market, you just won’t.

As a shout out to the great Developers over at Bonne App!, they are approaching a milestone in downloads, 250,000 is right around the corner, along with that, many of their apps have paid and free versions, both have awesome vids, the free versions are just ad supported.  One other thing to keep your eyes open for, Bonne App! is going to start a line of wallpapers designed around use on a tablet and are looking to push that out here in the near future.

So, head on over to the Market, pick up the newest member of the Bonne App! family, Forest Alive Wallpapers, and while you’re there, take some time to download some of their other offereings…Waterfall, Ocean, and Alive (An Assortment).

Application: Forest Alive Wallpapers
Developer: Bonne App!
Cost: FREE

Here’s some more awesome apps if  you feel so inclined to grab some more “Life” for your device” :-)

Application: Waterfall Alive Wallpapers
Developer: Bonne App!
Cost: FREE

Application: Alive Video Wallpaper
Developer: Bonne App!
Cost: FREE

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