The has been a lot of debate on what Google was planning on naming the next baby to come out of Mountain View. “K” is the next letter in the alphabet, and we all started thinking of what delicious desserts start with K. Very limited amount of choices. Kettle corn, Kahlua cake, and of course, Key Lime Pie. KLP seems to be what everyone is settling on, but I personally was hoping for something a little better. I can settle with KPL, simply because of the three letter acronym that rolls off the tongue like ICS did. Now it seems that a Google employee might have just outed that pie with lime and keys.

The image above shows our beloved Andy snacking on each dessert that Android has been a part of. A slice of key lime pie shows up at the end, thereby confirming that KLP will in fact be the next OS name. The drawing is by Manu Cornet, a googler and cartoonist, and I actually really like this drawing. I have had this idea of doing a ManDroid tribute to Android and eat each and every one of the desserts Android has been. Odds are, I will probably get sick to my stomach, but that just has the making of a good video. Let us know what you guys think.


  • Mario

    darn you Android, stop updating so fast!!! 😛