Color blindness is an issue for approximately 10 million Americans who are afflicted with red-green color blindness.  Many others are borderline…where do you fall in the spectrum?  Have you ever wondered?  Well, now there is a FREE test  you can do on your device or online to see where  you stack up with your color clout.

EnChroma recently launched a new free online Color Blindness Test.  The test itself is easy to take, you just need between 2-5 minutes depending on your color acuity and how fast you find the correct button to push for the answer.  It took me about 1.5-2 minutes to complete and afterwards there is a screen that pops up to tell you how your color vision stacks up.

If you’ve got a red-green colorblindness issue, you will have difficulty seeing the shape in the left image, but not the right one.  You ever wonder how your brain perceives color and turns it into something you can distinguish?  I did, here’s a visual aid that can aid in the process of discovery for ya:

Damn the mind is a complex and cool device.  What makes this new system EnChroma has developed…

“In the diagnosis of poor color vision, the standard testing method requires a trip to the doctor’s office. This is the first time that a computer-based test is freely available that can accurately identify the type and extent of someone’s color vision deficiency,” says Don McPherson, PhD, vice-president, products, at EnChroma. “Thanks to a sponsorship by the National Institute of Health, I was able to create this app as a part of my National Eye Institute research project. Not only is it scientifically backed, it’s free to take and is easily available at your fingertips.” 

Head on over to or to the Play Store to take your test or download the app so you can do it later or have your friends do it, all from the ease and portability of your device.  Below you’ll find a QR code you can scan or click to take you to Play Store so you can get your FREE copy and maybe “see” things a little differently.


Application: Color Blindness Test
Developer: EnChroma
Cost: FREE

  • Mario

    the QR code took me to the androidspin app when I scanned it with barcode scanner. So the app said I only have “normal” color vision, and recommended I get super color lenses now to see things in “super” color 😛

    • Stormy Beach

      Thanks a lot. Went in and fixed it.