In the mobile world there are a lot of products available for consumers to spend their money on. From battery packs, memory cards, OTG cables and Bluetooth speakers. There is definitely no shortage of things to entice your wallet to open up and hand over some cash. Acase is a name you have probably never heard of before, but one that you will hear a few times from us over the next few weeks. They release a fair amount of accessories  such as cases, screen protectors and various other things. Their latest release is called the Black Diamond III. The follow-up speaker to the Black Diamond II.

The Black Diamond II was designed for the competition though and not really something Android users could get their hands on and use. The Black Diamond III changes all of that and offers a whole lot of coolness for your buck. Like any other Bluetooth speaker you have seen in the past, it offers a seamless connection option wirelessly through Bluetooth from your device to the speaker. It has the standard 30 foot range as to be expected. It also offers up a line in cable for connecting various other devices that might not have Bluetooth available.

Where the Black Diamond III really catches a person’s eye is in its colors. The whole thing lights up in various colors to give you visual lighting for your tunes. Reminds me of the cool visualizations I used to love on WinAmp back in the day. The claim to fame is Flow or fixed color system that can be altered up to 16,000,000 colors. That is pretty intense. It also has multiple color special effects like Rainbow, Aurora and purple. The buck doesn’t stop there though. The BDIII also has a remote that is concealed in the device. It can control you music and the various color effects.

Hardware wise they talk about two 3W speakers, one to the left and one to the right. A Bass resonant tube for powerful low-frequency music and a built-in equalizer which is set to improve audio response by 10dB. While the audio is wireless, the power for it is not. It does use a mini USB input plug to keep it powered. The cable is split so that it can be plugged in and the 3.5mm headphone cable easily accessible. You really have to see it in action to get the best understanding of it. Check out this YouTube video of the Black Diamond III.

It isn’t going to be for everyone, but it sure does have its appeal. It should bring some pretty good sound to any space you can plug it into. They are currently up for purchase via Amazon for $120. That might drive a few of you away right there. But if you are looking for a speaker that is a little bit different and can be controlled from a remote with some killer special effects, then it might be right up your alley. You can get an order placed for one below if you feel so inclined.

Order – BlackDiamond3 Brilliant Wireless Speaker (bluetooth)

Press Release

Black Diamond III, the First Multi-Sensory Bluetooth Speaker Now Available

Avant-garde design lets you see, hear and feel the music

Taipei – December 04, 2011 –
 Acase, in partnership with design company yantouch, announces the availability of Black Diamond III, the compact USB powered Bluetooth speaker that mesmerizes with heart pumping music and a rhythm rocking vibrant lightshow.

Designed to be the subtle, yet elegant centerpiece on any shelf or desk, the Black Diamond III transforms into a glowing crystal with interchanging colors when powered.  Compatible with all Bluetooth devices and also outfitted with an audio plug, the Black Diamond III converts into a programmable multi-color disco orb when the music starts.

The Black Diamond III comes with a remote control to easily adjust volume, lighting effects, brightness and colors, possess an inner storage chamber for the remote and can be interconnected to create the ultimate sound and mood experience.   To see the Black Diamond III in action, visit here.

“Black Diamond III is the first portable Bluetooth speaker capable of mimicking music beats and rhythms through colors and movement,” said Tom Hsieh, Sales and Marketing Manager of Acase. “Although small in size, it delivers room-filling deep bass and powerful sounds found only in larger speakers.”

The Black Diamond III is currently available for $120 MSRP through and at  Acase will be showcasing their entire line of consumer solutions, including speakers, keyboards and smartphone accessories at CES 2013 in North Hall, Booth 5835