We have shared a number of Kickstarter projects and Indiegogo projects here on AndroidSPIN. Some of you have no doubt helped fund some projects or shared them with your friends to help them get the exposure they need to come to market. For that alone we personally thank you. We just received word of another project that is underway that deserves some attention. It is called Coverlight.

It is a basic rear battery cover door for your device that adds in the a LED light to use as a flashlight or for taking photos in the dark. You simply remove the battery, place a copper connector where your battery connects to the device and stick the Coverlight battery cover on. That is all there is to it. On the back of the device you now have an LED light and a small button to press to turn it on.

Now I won’t lie, this has been created for a rather old device line. The Indiegogo project is targeting the first Samsung Galaxy S line of devices put to market. The  Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000, Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9001, Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S SGH-T959 and Samsung Galaxy S 4G SGH-T959V. That does make it a bit harder of a sale, but doesn’t detract from the product really.

I know I still have and use my Samsung Vibrant quite often and this would be a great addition to my device to help keep it doing more longer. If they can hit their target goal, then they will look at creating new Coverlights for other devices. I can’t think of any high-end devices that don’t have a flash included now a days, but there are sure to be some prety popular mid-range devices that lack that simple functionality that some of us take for granted. Heck, I’d get one for my Galaxy S III if the Coverlight case had the LED at the opposite side of my current LED. Double the light and help kill shadows. I’d like to see these guys get off the ground, wouldn’t you?

Head over to their Indiegoog page and take a closer look at the design, the product and some other details.


  • FILA

    Wont stand a chance in todays phone lineup

    • BenR

      @Fila What are you talking about? Folks that still have a Galaxy S phone will love this and it’s what it’s made for .. it’s not for phones THAT have a flash.

  • lucian

    where can i buy that