I was wondering when we were going to start seeing HTC Droid DNA commercials. One thing Verizon loves to do with their Droid phones is promote them with commercials that integrate the robotic droid element of the phones, with humans. Kind of scary if you ask me. This commercial is no different. This commercial kind of reminds me of Iron Man since they place the phone in the guys chest to power him up in ways we would only dream of. Phones will soon be taking over our bodies. Be ready. Only thing Verizon failed to mention is that how big and beautiful the display is. Good job Big Red. Way to promote your latest phone by leaving out the one feature that makes it stand out from the rest. Typical.

Check out the commercial below, and let us know what you guys think.

  • http://about.me/medders Andy

    Ha ha! “Upgrading to wider, clearer skin complete.” They probably couldn’t figure out how to reference the screen with the human body.