By now we are sure that you all know that Apple Maps is one navigation app that you probably shouldn’t use. At least for a while. There was a more recent story about Apple Maps and its misplacement of Mildura in Australia. Getting lost in a city is bad enough, but actually having a city listed some 44 miles from its actual location is terrible. Especially when the listing puts people out in the middle of the Murray Sunset National Park in Australia. It was so bad that the police issued a warning telling people to put away their iPads and iPhones for navigation if travelling to Mildura. All thanks to so many people getting lost, being stranded and potentially in life threatening positions.

With more bad press linked to Apple and their Maps, it was only a matter of time before Samsung jumped in the mix. Using some clever marketing without a direct slap to the face, Samsung launched a new ad campaign in Australia. A cleverly worded sign posted in front of a dirty packed up four-wheel drive SUV gets the point across quite nicely.


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