Security Alert
Looks like another wonderful and super talented person, or group of people, have yet again wasted their talents on infecting devices across the globe. We just received an alert that Lookout Mobile Security has located a spam bot and they are investigating it right now. The bot is called SpamSoldier and is out to piss off more than a few people this holiday season.

They say that SpamSoldier is primarily being spread by SMS and is landing on various people’s devices in typical fashion. They advertise for a free copy of a popular paid game, such as Need for Speed or Angry Birds Space. Once the users click on the link the device downloads a file, your installer opens and appears to let you install the game. Now you are pretty much hosed. After it installs itself, it gets to work sending out spam SMS. The trojan removes any icon of it being there from your device before you even knew it was installed. All the while, installing a free version of the game you thought you were getting.

Example messages –

  • “You’ve just won a $1000 Target gift card but only the 1st 1000 people who enter code 7777 at hxxp:// can claim it!”
  • “Download Grand Theft Auto 3 & Need for Speed Most Wanted for Android phones for free at hxxp:// for next 24hrs only!”

I know it might be hard to not click on some amazing super offer that rolls through your device, but you should steer clear. I personally never open a text that doesn’t come from someone I know personally. Better to be safe than sorry.

To get a litter deeper on SpamSoldier, head over to Lookout Mobile’s blog. Be safe this holiday season and only get your apps directly from the Play Store or reputable locations.

Source: Lookout Mobile 


  • FILA

    I got a text from t-mobile today, atleast i think its t-mobile, asking a series of 5 questions, first one today asking how likely am i to recommend t-mobile to a friend. it came from 1199. I didnt reply, i figure i come online first to see if anyone got anything similar from t-mobile and if its legit. i dont play text games anyway, just wondering