Alright HTC One S brothers and sisters, it is almost time for you to savor that chewy candy. Many have asked me about when the One S is getting Jelly Bean, since I have the awesome phone. I never had an answer simply because HTC did not have an answer. We all just knew it was eventually coming. Couple days ago, the international version in Europe started receiving the update. International version always gets the updates first, while us Americans sit impatiently for twirling our thumbs. Of course, my One S is rooted, so I have had Jelly Bean for sometime now.

Well it seems that the US T-Mobile version, will be receiving the update very shortly. It is in the beta phase of development, so I would imagine that some time in January we will start seeing reports about the update rolling out. In the mean time, T-Mobile has sent out a message asking certain users if they wanted to give Jelly Bean a try. How are you able to be one of these users? I guess you got to be in good graces with HTC. I do not know exactly how you achieve this, but maybe the whole “#teamhtc” program had something to do with it.


So be on the look out in the coming months for your Jelly Bean update, and if you happen to be one of the lucky ones that gets to test out the beta phase, let us know how it is.

Source: TmoNews

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