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Rumors are always a fun way to pass the time. People’s imaginations, hopes, dreams and desires get all riled up. Ours included. We recently saw some pretty clever mock-ups and video rolling around that got the speculation flowing earlier this week. Why stop there?

A new set of rumors coming in from Korea are starting to talk about the Galaxy S IV having a S Pen included. This is seemingly confirmed by a quote from a Samsung official. (Which we couldn’t read since Google Translator wasn’t working for me) There is also more confirmation that the S IV will also be sporting a 5-inch 1080p AMOLED display. Regardless if it is flexible or not, it will still be sitting behind glass. If it is the much talked about flexible screens it is likely that it will be slightly concave under the glass. Just a thought on our part with that one. With plenty of other manufacturers moving to 5 inch 1080p displays, it makes sense that Samsung would follow suite.

There are plenty of other thoughts and things that can run through a person’s mind. When the Galaxy S III was officially announced, plenty of people thought a 4.8-inch screen was way to big. Once you got your hands on it you quickly realized the whole device wasn’t much bigger that the Galaxy S II. There is plenty of room on the S III hardware to expand the screen size the additional .2 inches and still keep it slim and solid.

As or the S Pen idea. I am personally not sure how well I take to this notion. The S Pen is a trademark of the Note line. Which is a completely different device all together. It would allow Samsung to limit its work for software updates in the long run by offering the same software and abilities on two devices. Obviously the Note line having a larger screen area. I can already see the S IV being dubbed a Note Mini with a lot of people. Personally, I think Samsung needs to keep the two devices and S Pen separate. However, I can see how a smaller Note style device with all the options of its larger brother would be a success. I would prefer they just made a Note Mini and a Galaxy S IV. What do you think?

Source: Enuri via Phone Areana

  • FILA

    There not gonna put a pen in the S line, then it wouldnt be a line drawn between that and there note line, 2 different markets, people who like to use pens and the other standard android crowd. thou i could see why, best of both worlds