CUBEDGE EDGE.Sound Portable Bluetooth Speaker

CUBEDGE EDGE.Sound Wireleess Bluetooth Speaker

Over the last year or so there have been a slew of portable speaker systems for use with your smartphones and music payers.  Jawbone was one of the first and many others followed suite and somewhat copied the overall design.

CUBEDGE is another one of those suppliers with the launch of the EDGE.Sound Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System.

The EDGE.sound portable speaker has challenged the genre, and in some ways improved upon the clarity of sound for this style of device. Weighing less than a book at only 290 grams, it sure is light and easy to carry around.  Size-wise, the EDGE.Sound is 150mm
wide by 61mm high and only 55mm deep.  Along the top of the EDGE.Sound you can find volume controls and a circular play/pause/call button.

The EDGE.sound is elegant and sleek and is available in black or white, convenient for any get together. With its impressive, clear sound, the SOUND.Edge has a connection range that can go up to 100ft, which is pretty impressive.  Crank the volume too high and you start to get distortion and the over all sound does tend to feel a little empty.  For it’s size, I wouldn’t expect it to be much different.  You’re not going to get the same quality sound as you would expect from the likes of the Supertooth DISCO for example.

It does not drain your battery as it is self powered and it will not charge your device either, but plug it into a USB port on your computer or use its included charger and it takes only 2.5 hours to charge. With its built-in battery, the speaker provides up to 10 hours of crisp and clear sound.

The EDGE.sound has the latest Bluetooth 3.0 protocol so connection is quick and easy as it connects to any Bluetooth-capable device to act as a speakerphone with its built-in electric condenser microphone for making and receiving calls or to playback sound.

If you don’t have Bluetooth, you don’t have to worry, the EDGE.sound has a 3.5mm audio input connector for any device that is not Bluetooth capable.

The outer surface is made of plastic with a silicone covering, and the front face has a sandblasted aluminum grill to give it a quality appearance.

The EDGE.sound is not cheap, priced at $149 almost everywhere I searched.


Company: Cubedge


Model: Edge.sound

List Price: $149