LG GA7900 – 55″ of Raw Google TV

At CES2013 LG and Google have announce one of 7 Google TVs to land down this year.  While there are not a ton of details available yet about this beautiful piece of machinery it is speculated to land down in  Q1 2013 with a price tag that falls in line with other LG Google TV offerings at about $1499-$1599.  This TV may not exactly fit into everyone wallet range, but keep in mind that of the 7 new G-TV offerings, this is the top of the line.

LGpressCES2013-32-580-90This crazy object, while looks like a microcomputer’s missing keyboard is actually the back of the remote that allows you to control the TV VIA Bluetooth connection.  Acting like a virtual remote/keyboard/controller you can enjoy the power of the TV in the palms of your hands with minimal effort.

LGpressCES2013-22-580-90Like all great Google team up offerings, this device will have access to the Play Store (you can see the icon right above this line) so you can get all of your favorite games and apps right there on your giant viewing screen.  Can you imagine playing Angry Birds or Dead Trigger 2 on this 55″ Monster, I can barely fathom it myself.

So, save those pennies, dollars, gift cards, and well, anything of great value and get yourself one of these to adorn the inner walls of your abode.

If you’re in the market or just like to look at this great production of tech, let us know your thoughts.






  • patbreda


    Well, great idea to team up lg and google. Both progressive developers. They want the high-tec stuf as quick on the market like we nerds do ;-).

    But playing dead trigger 2 on this tv ain’t gonna happen or if so it will not be slik enough.
    I have to admit that i do not know the specs yet but most of the time it will be disapointing slow.
    Meaning load times, playability. Or do they intend to build in the Tegra 4 quad core? I don’t think so.
    And where is the game controller/touch screen? Most of the android games are touch screen based designed. Duh.
    But…. lets wait and see.

  • http://www.angrybirds365.com PeterRedBird

    can’t imagine the gameplay experience of HD games on these screens. Awesome news…

    • Zachdroid

      I think HD games on these would be sick. What I would like to see is a “trackpad” type of device integrated into the remote for added functionality. The use of a pointing device is appealing, similar to that of common gaming consoles like the wii and xbox, but a trackpad like you’d find on a laptop I think would be a cool integration and marriage of worlds of tech.