CES 2013 has created a great place for the unveiling of great technological innovation in hardware and while this is typically a focal point, we can not and should not discount the software that is brought to the table as well.  Angry Birds (who doesn’t know who or what Angry Birds is?) a wildly popular app across ALL platforms has just dropped a NEW UPDATE.  Yes, a new chapter to the saga made famous as a poke at the H1N1 virus (Swine flu) that swept the world some years back.  This newest addition is, as the title would suggest, taking place Under Water.  The newest 30 level “Galaxy” has landed on devices already.  Has yours updated?  If not, go and get it.

Here’s a link, no not there, here.  LOL, ok, here it is…ANGRY BIRDS DOWNLOAD FROM THE PLAY STORE.

Along with with new level Rovio has brought to us, they have added some new “Space” themed products to the store for our purchasing pleasure.  They also have a deal running on men’s shirts for a bit longer.ab_plush_space_ice_2_11_12

Now, who wouldn’t want something this, uh…cute.  Just kidding, my boy would totally love this.

Are you playing the new level yet?  Well not if your reading this, so I’ll keep my comments brief…New level just released, Underwater, Lots of fun, New physics attributes for banking and movement, hours of fun you can get lost in, go download or update your copy so you too can take part.

In case you missed the download like above, here it is for kicks.


Application: Angry Birds in Space
Developer: Rovio
Cost: FREE

  • PeterRedBird

    Is it right that i only can see the power-up score after finishing that level, if i go back to that level there is no haighscore indicating IN the level.? playing on google play