It gets annoying. These Render leaks. It is a cruel tease, and most of the time, they are not what we actually get when the final product hits the market. The HTC M7 has become a highly-anticipated phone, and there already has been a “render leak” that displayed an edge-to-edge screen. That got me kind of excited, since the HTC DNA’s screen is so clear and crisp, an edge-to-edge would look pretty amazing.


Then we get on the internet today, and a NEW picture of an unknown HTC poses pretty in pictures. Yes, the images on this page are supposedly what the ACTUAL M7 is going to look like. Android Police has been debunking the old photo leaks, and are pretty sure that this one is legit. I would have to agree on these photos. We get a front and back image that displays all the familiar attributes of an HTC phone. Also below, you find some screenshots of the supposed Sense 5 showing us what it could look like. Sense is getting slightly better folks, but all that white still gets to me.

nexusae0_wm_Screenshot_2013-01-21-10-31-26_thumb nexusae0_wm_Screenshot_2013-01-21-10-31-53_thumb1 nexusae0_wm_Screenshot_2013-01-21-10-32-00_thumb1

Are these real? Possibly. In time we shall tell. Let us know what you guys think or if you have heard anything.

Source: Android Police