TMobile Prepaid increase
There are plenty of people out there that have made the switch from post paid (contracts) to prepaid services. They offer no surprises to the end-user. You get exactly what you are paying for. It makes a ton of sense. Especially for phone junkies and Nexus lovers. Why sign a contract for 2 years if you plan on grabbing the next unlocked Nexus in a year anyways. Beginning January 28th, T-Mobile is once again pushing the limits of pre-paid for their users and potential users.

Their current $50 a month plan boasts a paltry 100MB of data. For many people, that is more than enough. My self included, simply because I don’t use much data when not on my home Wi-Fi or someone¬†else’s. For those of you that have been rocking this plan, you will be happy to know that T-Mobile is boosting that allotment by 400MBs. That gives you 500MBs of data for the same price you have been paying all along.

With T-Mobile looking to move off subsidized handset pricing, and phones becoming increasingly more expensive to even subsidize to an affordable price, pre-paid is really picking up. T-Mobile sure looks to be embracing this new trend and giving their customers a little more bang for their buck. In their eyes, it is all profit. Subsidizing a phone cost puts carriers in the hole on your account right off the bat.

Source: Tmonews