Data allotment increasing for T-Mobile $50 Monthly4G Plans


TMobile Prepaid increase
There are plenty of people out there that have made the switch from post paid (contracts) to prepaid services. They offer no surprises to the end-user. You get exactly what you are paying for. It makes a ton of sense. Especially for phone junkies and Nexus lovers. Why sign a contract for 2 years if you plan on grabbing the next unlocked Nexus in a year anyways. Beginning January 28th, T-Mobile is once again pushing the limits of pre-paid for their users and potential users.

Their current $50 a month plan boasts a paltry 100MB of data. For many people, that is more than enough. My self included, simply because I don’t use much data when not on my home Wi-Fi or someone¬†else’s. For those of you that have been rocking this plan, you will be happy to know that T-Mobile is boosting that allotment by 400MBs. That gives you 500MBs of data for the same price you have been paying all along.

With T-Mobile looking to move off subsidized handset pricing, and phones becoming increasingly more expensive to even subsidize to an affordable price, pre-paid is really picking up. T-Mobile sure looks to be embracing this new trend and giving their customers a little more bang for their buck. In their eyes, it is all profit. Subsidizing a phone cost puts carriers in the hole on your account right off the bat.

Source: Tmonews

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