Word Pebble
If you need something new to help keep your brain occupied from the long work day you are currently enduring, Word Pebbles could be your trick to sanity. Personally, word games help take my mind from running all over the place and focuses it on the task at hand.

Word Pebbles was recently released to the Play Store by CitrusDevelopment. They have two other apps that have been around a little bit longer, but are more aimed at your kids. Word Pebble takes on a classic word game approach that you are all familiar with. You get a total of 8 titles of seemingly random letters to create words with. There are a few game modes to choose from when you first open the game. The General Basic, General Action and Countries. You can buy more letter combinations and additional game modes for $1.33. At least that’s what it popped up for me.

In General Basic mode you get 8 letters to create a set number of words that they make. You can see that total in the upper left hand side of the screen. Each letter gets you a set number of points, and every correct word adds a little more time to your ticker. General Basic mode starts you off at 4 minutes and counts down, keep it up by finding words. You either find them all and gain a high score, or you don’t and lose.

Word Pebbles 1 Word Pebbles 2
General Action mode cuts that start time down to just 60 seconds. Adding a little more pressure to your brain and finger actions.

Countries takes things to a new level of word finding. You start off with 4 minutes like in General Basic, except the letter combinations are designed to find countries of the world. You get 8 letter, but all the vowels are at the top of the screen. If you don’t know your countries you are in a lot of trouble.

The remaining modes, as mentioned, can be purchased. They are each aimed at a specific genre. Such as Plants, Rivers, Cities and Animals.

The game does offer quite the challenge. If word games are your thing and you are looking for something new to try out, then feel free to snag Words Pebbles down below.

Application: Word Pebbles
Developer: CitrusDevelopment
Cost: FREE w/ IAP for more game modes