Pebble Watch
The Pebble Watch has certainly made a big splash since it first hit Kickstarter. Plenty of people have backed the Pebble and have been eagerly awaiting their watches to start shipping and arriving. Looks like that day is finally getting closer. Pebble posted a note on their Kickstarter page to confirm that the watches have started shipping out as of today. It isn’t all ‘happy happy joy joy’ time though. They were only able to get 500 out today. Seems there was a documentation issue at the airport. Those that received a confirmation email, might have a few days to wait for a tracking number as more Pebbles start to hit the fulfillment center. They also note that black was the big seller and producing more than one color at a time was a challenge. That might delay your color choice up a little bit as well.

On the bright side, if you were a backer, your watches are getting closer. They also mention that the Android app that accompanies the use of the watch will be available in the Play Store starting Jan 24th. Where as the iOS version of the app seems to be held up a bit. Those of you that snagged a Pebble for your iOS device will still get music control functionality and notifications, but watch faces and upgrades to the Pebble OS are out of the question until it makes its way to the App Store. Sorry iOS fans, looks like you have to wait this time around.

Any of our followers out there back this watch and get a confirmation yet? If so, how excited are you right now?

Via 9to5Google and Kickstarter