Seidio ACTIVE Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note II

SEIDIO ACTIVE Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on Kickstand

We all know SEIDIO. We all know they produce top quality products. I also know their products frequently become my daily driver on many of my devices. Well, they’ve done it again and my Samsung devices feels secure once more.

SEIDIO recently sent us a sample of their ACTIVE Case with Metal Kickstand and its it hasn’t left my phone for more than a day.

Built to the usual high quality standards, the ACTIVE case with Metal Kickstand for the Samsung Galaxy Note II is perfectly formed, fits like a glove and provides great protection for my Phablet.

SEIDIO ACTIVE Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Back

The case consists of the usual dual layer protection. The first layer is the polymer skin you place around your phone to take any shock out of any possible drop. The next layer is the exoskeleton plastic housing that provides extra protection for the extremities of your phone. The Exoskeleton wraps around all four corners of your device with an extra finger that wraps in the middle to provide better grip and a little more center protection. The Exoskeleton has a rubberized finish to provide a little grip when the phone is in your hands, but the inner skin protrudes around most of the device and gives great grip on almost every surface.

SEIDIO ACTIVE Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Back on Kickstand

When your device costs so much and is as large as the Samsung Galaxy Note II, you want to give it the best protection you can while not increasing the size so much that it becomes cumbersome. The SIEDIO ACTIVE does just that and becomes a recommended case of choice for you Samsung Galaxy Note II.

SEIDIO ACTIVE Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Front

You could also consider upgrading to the SEIDIO ACTIVE Combo with Metal Stand that gives the added benefit a holster to carry your phone around in. With a spring-loaded lock across the top, the Holster secures your phone to your belt while maintaining a slim design that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb on your side.

The case is available in five colors; Black, White, Red, Purple, and Blue

Manufacturer: SEIDIO
Model: ACTIVE® with Metal Kickstand – Black
MSRP: $34.95 ($54.95 with Holster)

Be sure to check out this and other products on the SEIDIO web site. If you prefer ordering through Amazon, the various colors and links are down below for you too.

  • Jaz

    I loved my seidio active combo case for my evo3d. If it didn’t have my tpu case it had the active case on it. I can’t wait to buy it for the gnote 2. Ive been holding back due to money and got a case called rhino to hold me off. If the rhino case wasn’t so darned hard to slide out of the holster I would stick with it but having to use 2 hands to take it out is too much. Can’t wait to go back to the reliable seidio active.

  • Jaz

    You should do a review on the active with the holster. One complaint I had about the active on my 3d was the clip itself came off my belt pretty easily. Maybe they have improved it.

  • PeterRedBird

    That is a neat case. If only it came with a holster and different colors. I still like the active. Have had it for my evo and evo 3d and it’s been the best case for me.

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    • Jimbo

      It does come with a holster as a combo w/ this case or seperately. And it does come in different colors.

      • Stormy Beach

        It did have a holster at the time of posting, but the other colors weren’t available just then. Glad to know they put out the white one though. It looks pretty awesome in white.