Angry Birds Star Wars Escape from hoth
Looks like we have more than one update from Rovio headed our way soon. We just saw that Bad Piggies is getting an update soon, now we see another hint towards an update for Angry Birds Star Wars. A tweet from the Angry Birds twitter account this morning offers up a look at the Millennium Falcon headed in the depths of a cavern. The tweet came with a few hash tags, one being #ComingSoon. That should mean we will see an update shortly. It also listed #EscapeFromHoth and #AngryBirdsStarWars. It is pretty easy to see and know what is finally about to be available.

As always, we don’t have a date to look forward too. We will keep our eyes peeled for this update to hit the Play Store though. I know I am ready for a new Angry Birds Star Wars planet and set of levels. Let’s hope they don’t push it out the same day as Bad Piggies, that would just be mean.

Source: @AngryBirds via DroidGamers