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In the mobile world, it is all about preference, Whether you are Android, Apple, Windows, Blackberry…there are features that suit you and your lifestyle. Each platform tries to push the envelope, but what about something entirely different? Something that only Tony Stark has been rocking in all the Iron Man movies.

Polytron Technologies wants to bring us the very first transparent phone. That is correct. A phone that you can see through. Why do we need a phone that we can see through? Because it is cool! We have seen are fair share of transparent phones in movies, and I was always wondering just when they were going to make their way into reality. Seems Polytron thought the same way. This Taiwanese based company says that the first transparent phones could be out in the wild as early as the end of the year. I feel this might nudge us into the transparent era. Computer screens, TVs, glass tables, you name it; the future is upon us my friends. Let us know what you guys think.

Source: Phone Arena

  • Devin

    Not impressed…
    I mean, who still uses 2 GB SD cards?

    • wahid

      i do

      • 16gb user

        HAH GAAAAAYYY!!!

  • Clockwork Cynic

    Ah, transparency. The marmite of the design world.

    Personally I’m about as impressed by this development as I was about the resurrection of 3D movies. That is, not a lot. I smell gimmickry.