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You guys know us well enough by now to know that we don’t always talk about and cover the same things that the other guys do. Today we came across two new beta sign up pages for a couple of apps that we think have some pretty stellar potential. One we know for certain is headed to Android, while the other one we are waiting on a reply about.

The first up is the Android guaranteed app, Thread Caller ID by Sprezzat. This will be an app that you can install that will change how your current devices caller ID looks when someone calls you. Like the name, it creates an onscreen Thread of a callers social feeds and received messages. Pulling the last Facebook post, Twitter post, last email and last text message. You see all this information before you even answer the call. This gives you a chance to see what they are up to before you even answer. Once you end the call, the thread stays open and available to look at and gives you direct access to responding to messages, tweets or Facebook posts. Take a minute to check out their demo video below.


On to the one that we are waiting to hear back about, Charlie by AppCharlie. This is another social network interaction application, but with more of a day-to-day use without the need for someone to call you. Charlie is your own personal assistant. It will alert you before a meeting, a conference call, a luncheon or what ever your day brings. Charlie links up with all the social feeds and news that relates to the company and the person you are about to talk with. Letting you see what is going on with someone or their company in advance to help build tht all important connection with minimal effort. Take a quick look at their little promo video and see what you think.


So there are two upcoming apps that you all might be pretty interested in knowing more about. Each company has a beta sign up page available to attempt to get your hands on the releases a bit early. It’s always fun to have something that your friends don’t have or know about yet. Hit the links below to go to each company’s beta sign up page. Here is hoping.

AppCharlie – Charlie app beta sign-up page

Sprezzatt – Thread Caller ID beta sign-up page

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